Amateur Radio Station

License Callsign: KC9WVK

License Granted: 11/13/2012

Base Station Equipment

  • Kenwood TS-440S, All band HF 160-10 Meters
  • Icom IC-228H, 2 Meter Mobile / Base. (I no longer have this unit, gave to my brother after he got his ticket)
  • TEN-TEC Model 526, Dual Band 2 Meter / 6 Meter.
  • Radio Shack PRO-94, Dual Trunk Tracking Scanner.

Mobile Station Equipment

  • Kenwood TMV-71A, Dual Band 2 Meter / 70 Centimeters. (Radio Died, trying to get it fixed by Kenwood)
  • Stryker SR-955HP, 10 & 12 Meter.
  • Radio Shack PRO-96, Digital Trunk Tracking Scanner.
  • Kenwood TM-281a, 2 Meter. Replaced Kenwood TMV-71A
  • x2 Wouxun KG-UV920P-A Mobiles, When interconnected with RJ-45 cable using PC jack on side can be used as a conventional repeater system.

Portable Equipment

  • x2 Quansheng, Dual Band HT's.
  • x2 TYT TH-F8, UHF HT's.
  • Radio Shack PRO-83, Scanner with Signal Stalker©.