Station Information

About KC9WVK

My name is Robert Michaud and I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator who holds a technician class amateur Radio license from the FCC. I have been in the radio hobby for nearly 23 years, and have loved every minute of it. I started out like most everyone does with AM Citizens Band Radio and am still active on that band as well as moving on to General Mobile Radio Service, Multi-Use Radio Service, Family Radios Service, and now Amateur Radio Service. To this day I am still active on all of these services but more so on CB, MURS, GMRS, and starting to be more active on Amateur. I still love to get on CB SSB during the Solar Highs and talk DX (Shoot Skip) with stations all over the US, Canada, and Mexico, with the occasional contact with the Bahamas, and some European countries. I like to get on 11 meter CB and the 10 meter Amateur band for this as holding a tech class license only allows a very small portion of the 10 meter band for SSB phone and I make up for some of this with 11 meter CB to add to the excitement. I love exploring the HF bands and experimenting with other bands and modes and this was done with the part 95 services prior to obtaining my amateur radio ticket using GMRS for UHF Simplex and Repeaters, and MURS for VHF and data simplex however these bands are a bit crowded in areas and have their limitations. While Mobile I am always monitoring CB Lower 38 and the call is 617, for MURS and GMRS I go by unit 60 followed by the call WQOY990 on GMRS(depending on who's system I'm operating).

Current Projects

At this time I am working on a Skywarn Mobile Response Communications Vehicle (SMRCV). This vehicle will be equipped with HF, VHF, and UHF two way Radio communications gear as well as two mobile WIFI Hot Spots for broad band internet connectivity, two line VoIP phone service, GPS for tracking, Laptop computer for tracking weather via Doppler Radar (as well as sending reports back to base and the National Weather Service Filed Office), and a 2.4 GHz Wireless Mesh Network for on scene data communications with other responders. Included with the VHF and UHF radio communications gear will be a Mobile Amateur Radio Cross Band Repeater, and Mobile UHF (GMRS) Repeater.

This vehicle will also double as an Community Emergency Radio Team Communications Response Vehicle (CERTCRV) for Northeast Wisconsin Communications Network (NEWCOMM) and Wisconsin Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) Teams in the counties of Brown, Calumet, Oconto, Marinette (and bordering MI County of Dickinson), Outagamie, and Winnebago.